Rod Rogers (with author-wife Olivia)

In 1999, Rod resigned from Digital Equipment Corporation and moved to the Salish Mountains in northwest Montana. When not pitching flies at reluctant cutthroat, or stalking mule deer and elk, he spends most evenings and weekends forming and fashioning plots for science and historical fiction novels. In previous lives, he raced grand prix motorcycles at Daytona, Road America and Loudon. His Soverel 33, Assassin, terrorized the Great Lakes racing circuits. "The new owners are much better." Rod is an accomplished rifleman, archer and scuba diver. He also plays the bagpipes. He has published both short stories and poetry, but long fiction is the driving force in his writing career.

Since moving to Montana, he founded Serengeti Trading Co., maker of custom rifles and gunstocks. The business closed in 2009, but Kilimanjaro Rifles continues the Seregenti line of rifles. He now plies the waters of beautiful Flathead Lake in his Serenity Crestliner boat for lake trout and whitefish, which Olivia cooks up into mouth-watering dishes. He leads fishing charters through Captain Norm's Fish-N-Fun in Lakeside, MT.

Published Works:

A Nepenthean Solution, Science fiction novel, 2001
The Flight of the Solar Archangel, Science fiction novel, 2004
Prides of Sol, Science fiction novel, 2004
"Up Close and Personal" Contemporary short story, Lantern, 2000
"Lion" Contemporary western short story, Rockford Review, 1999
"AD664" Historical fantasy, short story, Rockford Review, 1999
"Peace" Poetic essay, VietNow magazine, 1997


Completed Work

The Penultimate Summer, Action/Thriller novel set in Northwest Montana



Works in Progress:

Khalifa, Historical fiction
Call to Crusade, Historical fiction
Blood of the Lion, Historical fiction
Legacy of the Lion, Historical fantasy